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Senior Development Team

David B. Hawkins - Senior Vice President Software Development          

Software application developer with a thorough understanding of application architecture strategies, processing deployment, product and technical proposals and implementation experience throughout the product life cycle. Mr. Hawkins was responsible for the architectural design and integrity of the TraceAbility product series. He was the head of investigating new technologies and their applicability for future releases including legacy issues. He fully understands quality management methods that are deployed through the metals market. His technical background experience includes being proficient in 25 different computer languages including XML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, ASP, VB, VBScript, JSP, C#, and .NET Framework.


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Abel Asefaw - P.Eng., B.Sc. (Computer Engineering) - Vice President Software Development 

Mr. Asefaw is a results-driven database and data structures systems application developer with experience in designing, implementing and developing commercial software applications.   He has an in depth knowledge of SQL, Oracle and relational databases and many programming languages including ASP.NET, C#, Java, C/C++, VB, ASP, Pascal, Assembly, VHDL and web design and site building experience in HTML.  He has participated in the development of software at many levels including project planning/ scoping, drafting of manuals, implementing custom software solutions for clients and software engineering. 


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Matt Meier - B.Sc. Hon. Genetics - Vice President Special Projects

Mr. Meier is an expert in developing scalable inventory and logistics systems. With over 10 years of professional experience, his application design philosophy expands upon the company’s existing workflow, using computers to enhance a proven system without disrupting day-to-day operations. Mr. Meier has headed up software development projects for large-scale warehousing facilities such as AMJ Campbell and Stallion Van Lines, time-sensitive courier systems, point-of-sale software and was the lead for the creation of TraceATool, an oil field tool inventory management system. 


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