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Our Products

  • ScanStation
  • ScanStation™ is the most advanced metals industry document management scanning software available in the world today.Written in Microsoft .NET, specifically created for Windows environments and custom configured for the corporate workflow of metal service centers, fabricators, manufacturers and other end users.

  • MetalTrace
  • MetalTrace®, the world's #1 metals industry Mill Test Report MTR traceability software, integrates with all ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Navision, AIMS, Infor, Trend and more. MetalTrace products save time and money. Call 1-800-429-7007 for details.

  • BarcodeTrace
  • BarcodeTrace™ enables you to scan thousands of documents, of any type, instantly and error-free and make them available at one office or across multiple locations.

  • JobDataReport
  • A Job Data Report or Turn Over Package is the information package required to be created when a project is finished. Manually assembling the documentation can take hours, days or months but with JobDataReport™ you can perform the task in only a few minutes.

  • MetalTrace2MetalTrace
  • MetalTrace2MetalTrace™ enables companies that use MetalTrace® to submit or receive documents electronically, instantly and error-free between users, just like banks do with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Documents from one company that uses MetalTrace® can be transmitted ElectroMagically™ continously or in batches, to another company that uses MetalTrace®, eliminating the cost of manual receipt, re-entry and error.

  • MTRCreator
  • MTRCreator™ enables you to create MTRs with all the necessary chemical and physical properties of material complete with your corporate logo and contact information. MTRCreator™ automatically checks the chemicals and physical specifications you select to assure compliance with any standards such as ASME, ANSI and more.