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MetalTrace® runs on all Windows platforms. It is compatible with Microsoft NSDE or SQL and Oracle. It provides 100% tracebility for all documents including Mill Test Reports(Materiel Test Reports)(MTR), Welder Certs, Certificates of Compliance, Travel Sheets, Drawings, Correspondence including email and more.


MetalTrace® is a fully scalable, customizable document management system designed to track metals industry quality assurance paperwork. Created by a MetalSmart™ company with metals industry expertise, the MetalTrace® is suited for any company from Mills to End Users, including Service Centers, Distributors and Fabricators because the flexibility inherent in MetalTrace® allows for customization to your unique business environment.


Web Browser Access - MetalTrace® uses a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) locally or through your LAN, WAN or over the Internet...the choice is yours. No special programs need to be installed so there are no computer compatibility issues. MetalTrace® enables multiple users to retrieve MTRs and other documents at one or multiple locations all at the same time.


Modern technology - Using the latest technologies available, MetalTrace® catalogues an image of the document, indexes it for easy retrieval and allowing you to email, print or fax it from your workstation. Unlike generic document management solutions, MetalTrace® is customizable to your current workflow, does not force changes in the way you do business and is not cluttered with irrelevant features designed for other industries.


BatchQuery™ permits the retrieval of multiple documents at one time regardless of the number of pages, items or Heat Numbers.

OneStepSend™ provides the ability to print, fax, or email an entire order/query by any user from their desktop.

OneStepInput™ provides the ability to accept documents via fax, e-mail or XML directly from your vendors - eliminating the need to handle paper.

OneStepIndex™ with up to 40 potential fields available for document storage, is the fastest way to index documents regardless of the number of Pages, Items, Heat Numbers, Product Descriptions, Project Codes, etc.

AutoPopulate™ provides vendor/customer information and product/item number eliminating redundant data entry and errors.

LogiLink™ integrates with your ERP (SAP, Navision, JD Edwards, Oracle, etc.), accounting or transportation logistics software for a seamless P.O./Invoice/MTR data merge.

Full bank-level password-protected login security with 256-bit encryption and roles based security ensures users can only search for documents that Administration has given them access to. This prevents unauthorized information from being searched for and retrieved. SSL and VPN support further secure remote system access.

Fast User Account Creation - quickly create new system user accounts with optional NT Domain, LDAP and MS Active Directory support. Users are sorted into groups based on their role in the company.

Document Usage History - track, to the second, who has downloaded, printed, faxed, emailed, inputted or modified data/documents.

TraceBack™ up to 20 fields of information can be added to associate documents with jobs, orders or projects creating a retrievable, historical record empowering you to trace exactly where or to whom product and documents were sold or used.

Web-based TrainingSave time and money with web based training. No airplane tickets to buy or hotels to book. Web conferencing enables the new user to feel as if the instructor is sitting right beside them. Both users and administrators receive excellent one on one instruction showing them how to get the most from their new Trace software.

MetalTrace®, the world's #1 metals industry Mill Test Report MTR traceability software, integrates with all ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Navision, AIMS, Infor, Trend and more. MetalTrace products save time and money. Call 1-800-429-7007 for details.
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