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  • JobDataReport™ effortlessly links multiple types of documents to a project with multiple phases and groups documents together (MTRs, drawings, travel sheets, test reports, etc.) and arranges them to enable logical searching and viewing. It can burn documents to CD/DVD and search and view using the self-running MetalTrace® interface. JobDataReport™ can be emailed to eliminate paper and it ties document management into the corporate records management strategy. It logically groups documents together for easy retrieval and viewing and it has customizable process and workflow


Web-based TrainingSave time and money with web based training. No airplane tickets to buy or hotels to book. Web conferencing enables the new user to feel as if the instructor is sitting right beside them. Both users and administrators receive excellent one on one instruction showing them how to get the most from their new Trace software.

A Job Data Report or Turn Over Package is the information package required to be created when a project is finished. Manually assembling the documentation can take hours, days or months but with JobDataReport™ you can perform the task in only a few minutes.
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