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Mill Test Report


What is a Mill Test Report, a Material Test Report, a Certified Mill Test Report, a Certified Material Test Report, a Mill Test Certificate, an Inspection Certificate, a Certificate of Test or a host of other names? It is the world’s most difficult document to manage also one of the most critical. No matter what name may be on the top of the document it is usually referred to as an MTR.


The document, by whatever name you choose to call it, is a Quality Assurance and Quality Control document used by companies that manufacture, distribute or fabricate using high grade steel, aluminum, brass or other alloys, that attests to the chemical and physical properties of the metal.
An MTR certifies that the product described on the document, as identified by the product description, the dimensions and marked with a Heat Number, complies with the published standards of an international standards organization, such as ASTM, ANSI, ASME, etc.


Trace Applications Inc. (Trace) creates and sells the world’s #1 MTR software used to enable 100% traceability of the specialized documents used for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/ QC) in the metals industry. Trace created MetalTrace® software for document imaging and document management in the metals industry and those dealing with oil, chemicals and dangerous goods benefit from the industry best practices and the workflow improvements achieved as a result of using MetalTrace®.


There has been an increasing demand for industry to have 100% traceability of product and process over recent years. However, as a direct result of the oil spill in the Gulf in 2010, government legislation and public scrutiny of materials and documentation has skyrocketed and have demanded the need for organizations to address document tracking and records management like never before. Fortunately for industry, Trace has developed a proven and comprehensive software suite, MetalTrace®, that provides best practices and integrated solutions to enable companies to achieve 100% traceability of their documentation.


The three “tions”, legislation, regulation and litigation, have created documentation overload for companies and this trend will continue. Standards bodies (like ISO, ANSI, ASTM and ASME), governments at all levels and industry associations are implementing laws and regulations that require firms to track documents and processes as they apply to products and procedures within their companies.  This has created a situation whereby companies often require documentation from suppliers that they did not require before.


Consequences for not taking document and records management are serious. The growing occurrence of litigation is a massive concern to everyone. Poor, inappropriate, misplaced or incorrect documentation has resulted in lawsuits in the tens of billions of dollars. Failure to have available Mill Tests Reports or other QA documentation by companies that supply or manufacture metal products such as pipe, valves, fittings, structural or plate steel or alloy material renders the material almost valueless or will prevent its use in pressure or structural applications. The fault associated with multi-billion dollar lawsuits has often been determined by one sheet of paper indicating that either the correct or in-correct material was used. Government agencies can levy huge fines against the owner of a pipeline or oil refinery or the manufacturer of a highway guardrail, a blow-out preventer or a railcar if a document demonstrates that the material used in the construction does not meet specifications. MetalTrace® is used to store and provide access to the documentation necessary to prove compliance.


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